Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Blue & White Roundtable: The Beginning Of The Beginning

JB is in court all day, so I am back posting for him, baby! Luckily, my lawyering was already done this morning.

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1. What are you optimistic about this season (Anthony Morelli running out of eligibility does not count)?

Dare I say that I am excited about PSU's offense? I dare! It seems clear that the strength of our offense is our O-Line, you might even call it...."Ship-Shape." Am I right? These are jokes, people. Even though our receivers are clearly talented and experienced, neither Mr. Clark nor Mr. Devlin has shown that they can get the ball to D-Will, Butler and Norwood. However, a bad-ass O-Line is going to help give them the time they need. Along with with more time to throw the ball, the O-Line is going to part opposing D-Lines like the goddamned Red Sea and Rolls Royster will break through like the oppressed Isrealite that he is! Stephfon Green could also play an oppressed Isrealite in an alternative scenario.

A.Q.? Is that you!?!

2. What are you pessimistic about this season?

Um, dare I say our defense? Wait, what? This is PSU, we never question our defense! That being said, the secondary looked shaky throughout the entirety of last year. Hopefully, Scirrotto will return to form and start pulling down mad picks. Similarly, I think our linebackers will be good, but perhaps not great. Without Lee's leadership and ability to consume opposing players, we will have to see how the LBs handle the pressure. I have no concerns with talent on the D-Line; but I do have concerns with the depth.

3. Who is the most important player on either side of the ball?

I think it is too easy to go with the QB (whoever it is), but I have to. With our defense potentially not being able to hold the opposing teams to negative or zero yardage as they did last year on several occasions, the offense is gonna have to put up more than 17 points a game. Clark or Devlin, it does not matter as long as one of them is getting the ball into our playmakers' hands. Just as M-Rob was the heart of the team in that 2005 run, the same will have to be true of this year's QB.

Lightning Round

How many games are you going to this season?

I have tix for Oregon St. and for Illinois, but I can't make it back for Oregon St. I am moving from Miami to NYC in two weeks. Hopefully being just a few hours from home (my parents live in State College) will allow me to get back for another game besides Illinois.

Do you have Big11Ten Network?

I do indeed, but as I am moving, I don't know if the next place will have it. I usually watch the PSU games with the Miami alumni association at a bar down here, so the BTN hasn't been too much of an issue for me.

Where is Coastal Carolina located?

On the coast? possibly both Carolinas?

What record will Penn State have on January 9?

10-3. In my heart, I want to say 13-0. But I think playing tOSU and the Badgers in their own houses will be too much of a stumbling block for us.

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