Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Season....Approaches!

The PTR, PPG, and TDC all provide us with the information we already knew: Clark will be the "starter" in 2008. Does this really come as a surprise? The more experienced player gets the nod in a Joe Paterno Coached team? Really? It is that surprising? Regardless, we are set for what to expect for the start of the season.

On to the game at hand! The mighty Chanticleers of Coastal Carolina come to town on Saturday, we must be ready for the teal-colored hordes! You can find my previous break-down of the CCU here. There are a few updates to be made. First, their QB is, in fact, brother to ex-PSU player Wally Richardson. Not surprising, I mean, look at the man! Lets make sure to give him the proper welcome to Beaver Stadium!

The PPG tell us that Nick Sukay will miss the rest of the year with a broken foot. This is a tough break for a good kid who looked like he was going to get some PT this year. This seems like the sort of thing which should heal just fine and Sukay should be back and ready to play in 2009.

If you were wondering about Joe's presser, you can find it here.

We are less than 48 hours away from the start of the College Football Season!



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