Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Is The QB Controversy All Bad?

Penn State has a good old fashion Quarterback Controversy on its hands this off season. Will it be Clark or Devlin? The guys at BSD have already made their arguments as to why each player deserves the starting nod.

Ruts eloquently argues for Mr. Devlin while Kevin is Mr. Clark's advocate. I'm not going to re-hash the arguments as for why either should start as, on paper, they seem to be very similar quarterbacks. We have seen so little of either QB I think it is best to just sit back and let the coaches (well, anybody but Jay) decide who should start.

The larger question in all of this controversy: Does a QB controversy spell the end of Penn State's season? I don't think it will greatly affect Penn State's season. Clark is going to get the majority of snaps for the first four games, however, we are going to see Devlin take meaningful snaps in all of those games.

Will this uncertainty lead to a frenzy regarding the quarterback situation a la Charlie Weis's masterful handling of Notre Dame's QB situation last year? No. It won't. Where Charlie failed was he continually said that he knew who the starter was but wasn't announcing it. With regard to Penn State this year, the staff has not yet been able to make up their mind. They actually don't know yet. Without any games being played they just need more information before they make a decision.

Of the first four games, the only game PSU is in any danger of losing is Or. St. in week two. Will the coaches be able to make up their mind after only Coastal Carolina? I dunno. Even if a decision is not made does that spell disaster for Or. St? I don't think so. If the coaches haven't made up their mind by Or. St. we aren't going to see a set "starter" until Illinois in week five.

In the end, it seems clear that Clark will ultimately be the starter. However, it may take a few weeks before it becomes official.

Go State!

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