Monday, August 18, 2008

What The Spread HD Will Look Like

There has been a lot of talk about what the Spread HD offense will look like. It has been described as a "glorified wishbone" to quote Jay Paterno, the architect of this football marvel. But what the hell does a glorified wishbone offense look like? Well, I think it will look like this:

You have D-Will and Butler spread wide with Norwood in the slot. Clark will line up in the shotgun position and Royster and Green will flank him on either side. This will be your very generic run or pass formation. From here you can, of course, motion another of the RBs into a WR position in order to get a favorable matchup for Green when a LB or a safety is forced to cover him.

The variations based on personnel, however, are nearly limitless. There has been a lot of talk about lining Williams up in the backfield and then motioning him into a slot position. A likely replacement for Williams at the WR position would be Zug or Moye. Zug stands 6'2'' and Moye has been playing well in practice and gives a nice target at 6'5".

For more of a running look, this is a possible base formation for the Lions.

This is a much more traditional look at the wishbone offense. Instead of lining up Norwood in the slot you put Lawlor in at FB. Of course, the variations based off of personnel and motioning players is limitless. You could replace Lawlor with Quarless in the TE position (should he ever get out of the dog house) or motion one of the backs into the slot.

This really only scratches the surface of possibilities in this offense. Like anything in football, this will be all about execution.



Rich said...

do you really think that we are always going to have royster and green in the game at the same time?

JB said...

not at all.

Nor do I think we will always line up with two RBs. This is merely and illustration of a very basic look and a basic wishbone look which will probably be used in running situations.

I also expect that other backs will see action this year. For example, Beachum is seeming to be a great power runner and could be utilized in goaline situations.

Similarly, I expect PSU will have one back sets, empty backfield sets, and plays where one or both backs motion into a slot receiver position.

guido said...

i am expecting nothing different than what we've ran since before i was born, but a return to usage of the qb draw and the option (that we didnt' use the last two years because of #14)