Monday, August 18, 2008

Tons of Penn State News

After a busy week of work I emerged to a massive amount of Penn State football news over the weekend. Not all of it is good news but, at this point, I'm willing to take what I can get.

There is a new Blue-White Podcast up which is always good news. It also appears that all the guys over at BSD will be featured on the podcast but also yours truly at some point during the year. I shall certainly keep you posted. My insight will probably not be as "informed" or as "relevant" as the features with BSD, however, I will bring some over-the-top rhetoric to the podcast.

Speaking of over-the-top-rhetoric, ESPN the Magazine has named the Penn State Student Section the best in the nation. ESPN has gotten something right, and for that, I commend them! There is no greater show in college football nor a greater experience for a Penn State fan than to sit in the student section for a big game. The students are fully responsible for taking what was a tame crowd to a raucous, drunken, throng of murderous, white-clad, banshees. Thanks guys.

The CDT has a nice write-up about former walk on (now full scholarship LB) Josh Hull. It will be interesting to see how the LB position takes shape as the season goes along. While it is almost guaranteed that you will see guys like Colasanti on the field this season, I think Colasanti could challenge Hull for the starting spot by the beginning of Big Ten play.

The PPG has a story about Ex-Lion Phil Taylor heading to Baylor to play for the mighty Bears. Will the troubled young man find new life at the largest baptist university in the world? Me thinks not. Enjoy this talented vat of crazy, Baylor!

The PPG also has a story chronicling A.Q. Shipley's rise from back-up on the defensive line to one of the best centers in the country. The offensive line should be a needed bright spot for the Lions. If the big fellas up front can open up holes for Penn State's young RBs and protect the inexperienced QBs this team might be something special.

Devon Still has been injured...again. The reportedly talented Defensive lineman suffered a broken leg. Still has been much ballyoooed despite never having played a down for the Blue and White. Regardless, this is another crushing loss to a defensive line which, three months ago, seemed incredibly deep. While unquestionably talented we shall have to see exactly how deep LJSR's bench will go this season. I'm quickly becoming concerned.


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