Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Who Would You Rather Punch In The Face?

Today's participants are both eminently punchable, Brett Bielema and Jimmy "Pickle" Clausen.

Brett Bielema: I've wanted to punch him right in the face ever since the endless-squib-kicks-to-burn-the-clock-move back in 2006. For that, I would like to punch him right in the face.

Jimmy Clausen: Poor Pickle. There are too many reasons to list why I would like to punch him in the face. I think I would pay as much as $20 for a free shot at him.



Justin said...

I have two hands. Can't I punch both?

jd said...

clausen is easily more mockable. for example:

thus, everyone gets a laugh at his expense.

bielema, however, landed a job in a program i admired. he then pulled the noted shennanigans. granted, he worked the system, but in doing so exploited it while we were playing them.

all clausen did was get sacked. pun intended.

jd said...

o, i forgot. knock bielema out. laugh and point at clausen.