Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Sharing A True PSU Email

I just got an email which defines what it means to be a Penn State fan.

I love penn state so much it hurts my heart.

24 days til game day. For some reason at 5:43 on a Wednesay, I am dangerously fired up for it.

Good work, Brewer.

Go State! Get Fired UP!


PSUgirl said...

Strange coincidence - I re-watched the PSU nd game last night while waiting for some (advance prepped) tailgating fare to cook.

JB said...

were you pickling something? Letting a bird hang and get nice and gamey? Dry aging beef? Infusing oils? I ask because it is still a little early, no?

PSUgirl said...

Ah, the beauty of the stand-up freezer in the garage is that you can get a lot of the "work" done ahead of time.

I was roasting chicken in a Carolina inspired dry rub for pulled chicken sandwiches that we'll be serving at the coastal carolina game (Theme: "Pluck the Chanticleers"). I pulled the chicken last night, and I'll make a broth tonight (from the pieces parts) - both will be frozen (separately). On game day, I'll use the broth to make the sauce.

Most baked goods and meats freeze beautifully.