Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bracket Three Times As Tall As Butler!

Or so The Collegian Would like you to believe! Their graphic is positively preposterous.
The point is well taken, but why would you create an illustration that has Brackett being three times the size as Butler? I mean, we get it, Bracket is downright huge for a WR and he is 8 inches taller than Deion and the two other WRs on the PSU squad but this is just ridiculous. Brackett actually is much taller than the other receivers on the field without resorting to this hilariously exagerated scale.

Up next for the Collegian: Graphs of Joepa's age in comparison to toddlers!



Paterno Lives! said...

That is so ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

This is in fact one of the classic ways to lie with statistics outlined in the book "How to Lie with Statistics". see Chapter 5 on Trucated Scales.

Daniel Victor said...

Notice the graphic was made by "Justine" King. Let's just be glad James Hardy wasn't included in it.