Monday, September 08, 2008

The Polls Are Both Kind And Cruel

Both the AP and Coaches Poll are out after a second wild week of football.  PSU has moved up to #17 after thumping the hapless Beavers.  I would've thought that PSU might have gone as high as 15, however, I can see the pollsters merely chalking it up to OrSU not being very good.  Certainly a reasonable point of view, I personally think OrSU will be fine but they sure did walk into a buzzsaw on Saturday!  In all probability the Lions will crush Syracuse and dismantle Temple to finish off the non-conference schedule.  Coming into the last week of September it seems reasonable to anticipate that the Nittany Lions will be a top 15 team by the time Illinois rolls into Happy Valley.

The computers may not take margin of victory into account when computing the BCS standings, however, it is equally clear that the Pollsters do consider style when evaluating teams.  Consider the plight of Tosu who fell two spots for struggling with OHIO while missing one of the best RBs in college football.  Or the DAAAWGS of Georgia who, despite winning their second game could not hurdle the idle USC!

Also, consider how little respect Clemson gets for losing to Alabama.  Clemson is still not a top 25 team, however, 'Bama is now up to 11 in the AP poll!  If Clemson is so terrible why is Alabama that great?  For following up this mighty win over a terrible Clemson team by steamrolling Tulane?  Also, after ECU beat VaTech the Hokies plummeted right out of the top 25 but West Virginia loses to the same team and remains in the top 25.  What is that about?  Is it just because we had more respect for ECU after they beat VT?

I am interested to see the new blogpoll (which I don't vote in because there are far better PSU blogs than this old shitter) when it comes out to see if bloggers are as susceptible to this odd phenomenan as well as real grown up sports writers!


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