Monday, September 08, 2008

What We Learned From The OrSU Game

Penn State dominated the Beavers in every phase of the game. While this wasn't exactly a crucible of competition for the Nittany Lions, we still gained valuable insight into the 2008 Penn State Squad.

I've broken it down into aspects of the game which the match-up against the Beavers exposed the reality for PSU.

Rushing Game
We learned that Evan Royster is for real. I said it before but it bears repeating, Evan Royster should start to get some consideration for the Heisman trophy. He averages over eight yards per carry and scores a touchdown basically one out of every four of his carries. This is all without having played a complete game. More than this, we learned that Royster is clearly the #1 back on the squad. Green looks like a quality back and can deliver a good change of pace, however, he is not nearly as consistent or as excellent as the Rolls Royster.

How is Royster accomplishing all of this? This is the best blocking offense, not just offensive line, I have seen at PSU in over a decade. Not only is the offensive line opening huge holes for Royster but also the WRs and other backs are destroying their opponents and ushering Royster into the endzone.

Passing Game
Much like the rushing game, we learned that Clark is clearly the starter and the best QB. Clark had another great day as he continued his efficient passing attack completing over 60% of his passes and committing zero turnovers. Clark also displayed his playmaking ability this week as he showed off his rushing skills. He was the second leading rusher on the team going for over 60 yards and a TD. Not only is he elusive but he runs with the power of a keg of Lager barrelling down the stairs of a Frat house. Clark is 6'2" and 231 lbs. This makes Clark one of PSU's largest ball carriers. Also, consider that Clark is listed as being just as heavy as Josh Hull, PSU's starting inside LB!

We have learned that Penn State is incredibly deep and talented on Defense. However, with all the suspensions and injuries we have to hope that the Defense can hold it together. The Defense did give up over 250 yds in the passing game but this was because OrSU threw the ball all the time. Where PSU was successful is limiting YAC. OrSU only gained 4.7 yds per play and were awful on third and fourth down only converting 6 of 20 attempts. This let PSU get off the field and rest a thinner-by-the-day Defense.

We have also seen the last of Jerome Hayes this year as he suffered a torn ACL in the later part of this game. Hayes had only recently returned from a torn ACL in his other knee which he had received last year. Hayes was injured on a complete and total cheap shot by the Beavers, to be specific it was Evan Hull #77. Who is, by all accounts, a complete and total asshole. I hope you feel good about yourself you worthless piece of shit. You clip a guy because you are frustrated and you end his season if not his career. You are a Dirty player, Evan Hull from Albany OR. Fuck you.

But I digress. All of the guys who have had to come in and play have played really well. Now is your opportunity! Take it and make the most of it!

Next week PSU hits the road to take on the Orange of Syracuse. This is a situation where you want to get the win and get out without any injuries. It will also be a good opportunity for some of the younger guys who are getting a chance to play some experience on the road.


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jd said...

if royster keeps it up, he should be in the heisman mix after the illinois game.

i was there this weekend-to see him in person (and sober) is quite a thing. he waited for the line to make the play, and then just kicked it into gear.

losing hayes really hurst-after the ND debacle last year he quickly turned into one of my favorite players. here's to hoping he can rehab. and death to evan hull. twice.