Monday, September 22, 2008

PSU 12th In AP Poll

The AP poll is out and PSU has hopped up to 12th in the AP Poll (ahead of Tosu) as well as 12th in the Coaches Poll. Apparently, the voters are impressed by dominating your first three opponents (even lesser opponents). I do see their point in this regard, PSU has a history of having a dominating defense and now the offense is clearly much more potent than it has been over the last two years *cough* MORELLI!!! *COUGH*

Now that PSU has an overwhelming offensive attack and a defense that is probably pretty good (not great but pretty good). Will Illinois be a coming out party for a dominant Lions team, a la Minnesota in 2005? Does PSU have enough firepower to compete with elite programs in the Big Ten and beyond?

I think they DO!

Also, BSD has a great post up with a link breaking down the AP voters and how they voted.


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