Monday, September 22, 2008

Revisiting Temple

I was worried about the Temple game. I'll admit it as long as you admit that after the first quarter you were starting to think that I was right. Of course, the second quarter proved me to be a fool and you to be gutless for not believing in yourself. 31 points in a quarter, awesome.

Clark returned to form throwing for nearly 200 yards and 2 Tds. He did, however, throw his first INT of the season. Look, we all knew it had to happen some time and, just to put it in perspective, he has thrown 7 TDs this season and only one INT. This puts DC-17 on pace to pass for 28 TDs and 4 INTs on the year. So, yeah, you could say he is pretty good. Maybe far better than previous QBs. Maybe.

Royster looked good rushing for 73 Yds on only 9 carries. Royster has to be the most well rested back in college football right now. I don't think the Rolls Royster has seen over 15 carries in a game this year. As good as Royster looked, Green looked like a damn maniac. Green also had only 9 carries but translated them into 132 yds! That is 14.7 yds/carry people! Penn State will go as far Royster can carry them. It will be interesting to see Evan Blue-Royster-Cult can continue his dominating performances into conference play.

You can't be critical of a defense that only gives up three points. However, there are some things which leaves me unsettled. OK, well, it is our Linebackers. Josh Hull, I'm looking in your direction. I love Hull's intelligence, dedication, and heart. However, I find it hard to believe that he is the best MLB on the team. Will Colasanti start against Illinois? If not, is it even possible for Colasanti to take Hull's place in the middle?

Special Teams:
Seriously? We're going to start this again? Please don't. The poor play of special teams is what pulled down our blue and white undies against Illinois last year. Seeing Temple's big returns gave me shivers.

I am fired up for next week. The prime-time game. The Whiteout. Me drunk and screaming from my sofa!



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