Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sports Cafe Plot Thickens

The Collegian got an interview with the man everybody loves to hate, Kevin Anderson (Current Owner of the Sports Cafe), about his side of the story regarding the Sports Cafe.

His story is that he didn't screw Lavar over in order to get publicity for the Sports Cafe, rather, he asserts that Lavar tried to screw him by not paying him the proper amount of money!  Quite the accusation.  Anderson also says that he only reopened the bar in order to attract a new buyer, which, he says, it did as he has received several new offers.  One of them from an individual who wants to resell the bar to Lavar!

Lavar has not remained completely quiet about the situation either and the Collegian quotes him as follows:

             "Arrington said Anderson knows "what he did was wrong" and said he is looking for a lawyer to take legal action against Anderson.

            "He needs to send some compensation my way," Arrington said."

The fur is really starting to fly over this thing.  All I know is that I think that Lavar is being completely above board on this.  Also, why would Lavar try to cheat KA out of any money.  If Lavar opened a bar called Linebacker U in downtown state college it would be a license to print money.  So why would he try to swindle Anderson out of a little bit of cash?

Lavar, if you wanna talk, send me an email and we can fight injustice together!


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