Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Why It Is Important TO YOU That TOSU Win On Saturday!

Wait. What?

Yeah, that's right. This blog is usually nothing but a deep yawning chasm of hate for The Ohio State University, however, now we must unite behind our Big Ten brethren. I will try to lay out a case for why it is critical for Tosu to beat USC.

Thus far, only one Big Ten team has even played a top 25 opponent; this happened in week one when Illinois lost to Missouri by ten. That is the width and breadth of the Big Ten's "tough" out of conference schedule. (OrSU could've been a second tough game but that just didn't work out). This being the case, the Big Ten doesn't have the best record so far this year when it comes to OOC games. The media was already believing before the year started that the Big Ten was the third best conference in the country. Similarly, people seem to be worshiping at the alter of the SEC and the PAC-10 like never before.

The simple fact of the matter is that Tosu is viewed as the cream of the Big Ten this year. Should the buckeyes fall to USC it demotes the entire conference. Without a strong Ohio State the Big Ten will be relegated to share the fortunes of the ACC and Big East. Not only will Ohio State be denied a shot at the national title but the other Big Ten teams will be relegated to obscurity by association. Perception has a lot to do with how tough a conference is viewed.

Don't Believe me? You need to have at least four very good teams inside the conference in order to generate enough big games to build the convince the voters to get your teams considered for the championship. Right now the Big Ten has Tosu, Wisc., Illinois, and PSU as the best of the conference. However, Illinois already has a loss out of conference, Ohio State has a real possibility of joining them after this week. This would leave PSU and Wisconsin as the two undefeated teams, both of whom stand a reasonable to good chance of losing at least one game. This scenario does not bode well for the Big Ten.

As such, Go Buckeyes! Only as to this game against USC and in basically no other venue! (mild vommitting in the corner)

I think that was the hardest thing I've ever written.


Maize and Blue Nation gives you reasons to cheer for the mighty Trojans. You sick sons of bitches!


Kevin McGuire said...

You definitely have a point in that the Big Ten needs what some may call a signature win, but I'll be damned if I am ever going to root for Ohio State. I say go USC!

I hate the Big Ten and I loathe that Penn State is in nit. On a similar note, I hate the Big East because those pansy schools snubbed us way back. Screw them both, but go Penn State!!!

GMan said...

My argument to your point is simple...you say PSU is going to lose a game right? Then what difference does it make if the Big Ten is strong. If PSU isn't in the National title game then they are going to be place in a bowl game that is determined by their finish in the big ten, regardless of conference strength.

Now if your argument was that PSU is going to go undefeated and play for the National Championship then yes I could see rooting for OSU making sense for strength of schedule.

Me personally...I can't root FOR OSU but I won't really be rooting against them either.

JB said...

I think it is simply a matter of applying Adam Smith's model of economics. If all of the big ten does well PSU will also do well.

Even if PSU loses a game there is still a chance at a BCS game (2005 for example). The BCS models are created based, in part, on strength of schedule. Which means a TOSU victory is good for PSU.

Jeff said...

Michigan's week 1 opponent Utah is in the top 25.

JB said...

You are correct, Utah is NOW ranked in the top 25. However, at the time the game was played they were only "receiving votes".