Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Joe Talks Syracuse

Here is a map of those of you lucky enough to watch PSU on ESPN/ABC.

Will it be on some other version of ESPN? I don't know. If I find out, I shall inform.

Next, Joe had his weekly presser on Tuesday. You can find the transcript of aforementioned presser here.

The following are excerpts I found particularly interesting:

Of the fab four, who is gonna play?
So as far as whether the other kids are going to play or not, I'm going to play it day by day for awhile.
I don't think any of them play. However, it would be interesting to see if a "fall on the grenade" situation emerges. If one kid completely takes the rap how can you keep the others off the field. All I'm saying!

Are you impressed with the rest of the team's focus despite all the distractions?
But they've done a great job. They really have. I think the kids appreciate the fact that these guys have not quit on them, and they didn't quit on themselves. And we've got a good spirit right now.
Fuck yeah! Nobody Quits! EVERYBODY FIGHTS! (I try to work a little Starship Troopers in for the people whenever possible). Seriously, though, these kids are friends. When one gets in trouble they all suffer. They are all doing a great job focusing on the task at hand. and school.

How are D-Will and DC-17?
No, they're both fine. He (Williams) could have played, he's got a I don't know, the doctors would know better. He had some kind of a strain in one of his stomach muscles. But, he was out there yesterday running around a little. I'm sure he'll be okay. I didn't even know Clark had any problems.
Lets fucking hope they are fine. Clark has played fucking great and we need him to play better. D-Will is a major focus of the offense. I'm starting to think that no other receiver on the team would be nearly as productive if teams weren't accounting for Derrick Williams.

More importantly, lets thank whatever God you like that Royster is still healthy. The longer the season goes the more convinced I am that PSU will go as far as Royster can carry the Lions on his back.

Joe, are you worried about having an increasing young team on the road for the first time?
I'm always worried about that, regardless of who is down the stretch. Because if you don't get better, you get worse. You get careless, sloppy, and the first thing you know, you're not playing your game. Yeah, I worry about that all the time.
As well you should, sir! Youth + Road = disaster (if you aren't careful). I think PSU will leave Syracuse with a W but it will be a good learning experience for the team. Like learning to leave this alone. It only takes one try to learn to never return.

Joe, do you practice as hard when you have all these injuries?Well, there's only so much you can do to prevent injuries. You've got to have some kind of intense practice sessions.
We don't practice much; we practice less than probably anybody in the country. We went out for an hour 15 minutes yesterday with just shoulder pads. We'll go out today an hour 40 minutes with pads. Then tomorrow we'll go out with just tops, and then Thursday we'll go out an hour and 30 minutes with just helmets.
Gotta compete. Gotta fight! Gotta Win! This is like listening to an older, smarter, better looking version of Pete Carroll! Eat THAT PETE!

Dome = Tough?
Well, you know, we played in the Alamo Bowl, we played in the dome. We've played in domes before. It will be noisy.
There are some factors you don't have to worry about. Wind isn't a factor. You don't have to worry about the weather. They were kidding me today. I said, "you know, I haven't been up there in 15 years." And one of the assistant coaches said, "15? It's been 20 since you've been up there. You don't remember it, but you chewed out Shopie (Tim Shope, former equipment manager) one day for wetting the balls when we were going into the dome."
Dome Sweet Dome!

LBs getting better?I think they got better. They've got a ways to go, though. (Tyrell) Sales and (Josh) Hull had a better game than they did the first game. The two other guys outside, (Bani) Gbadyu and (Navorro) Bowman are getting better. They should get better. They're good athletes and they're working hard at it.
Yeah. But they need to get better. Joe voiced this and I think anyone who follows the team knows this. It has become especially true now that the D-line has been hit so hard by injuries and off the field troubles. STEP IT UP!

I am amped. I think PSU could hang 70 on the Orangemen.



Anonymous said...

Since Syracuse is the home team it's a Big East game. At least as far as TV is concerned. It's Game Plan if it's out of your region.

WFY said...

Where did you get this one? The coverage map page for week 3 is not updated.

JB said...

I found on the Penn State's official website.

jd said...

bowman is looking better each down he plays.

wave of the future, provided he stays out of the doghouse.

Elihu said...

If you want to find the ABC coverage map, they seem to post a link to it each week on the ESPN page for schedules under college football.