Friday, September 12, 2008

Why TOSU (AND tHE BIG TEN) Are Better Off Without Beanie!

Beanie Wells may not play on Saturday. Well, it depends on who you might be reading. Deadspin is reporting that Beanie is doubtful, The Buckeye Blog thinks it is all a clever rouse. If the Lord above is a good lord, and I think he is, Beanie Wells will not play. This will be the best thing for all of us in the Big Ten. Allow me to explain:

At this point, we all think that USC is going to crush Ohio State, right? If you are firmly clinging to an Ohio State victory than you may want to stop reading now. If Tosu is missing Beanie for for this week's game it only adds another argument for why Tosu isn't "terrible" for losing to USC. Or, if you are a Bucknut, you can use these arguments to try to weasel into another national title game even if you have a loss.

First, Tosu can argue that USC was a tough game on the road, of course. Second, now they can argue that they were missing one of the best players in the country at the time of this loss. Third, we, as PSU fans, get to celebrate a Tosu loss without having that loss have it crush PSU's strength of schedule.

Also, what if USC goes undefeated and Tosu runs the table aside from USC? Then we have Tosu taking the position of the 2006 Michigan squad to clamor for a rematch.

In sum, should Tosu win the entire Big Ten wins. Should Tosu lose we all have several, good, built in excuses as to why that doesn't make the Big Ten crappy. EXCELLENT!

A rising/receding tide (with a good excuse!!!!) raises all boats!


GO BUCKEYES BEAT OHIO STATE! (though we all know that USC will win however, we now have pre-canned excuses as to why it isn't that big a deal! YES!)



jd said...

here's to mass casualties on both sides.

usc 27 OSU 17

james laurinitis has 12 tackles. all of them 10-15 yards downfield.

Jim said...

On one hand I want to be with you.

On the other, I yearn for a day when the rest of the Big Ten could hold up their end of the bargain so that there is no question that the Big Ten champion (ie. Ohio State) belongs in the BCS Championship.

For the glory of the Big Ten, go Buckeyes, go Penn State, go everyone but Michigan...please!!