Friday, October 31, 2008


Nittany Lion fans may need to come to terms with something very disturbing: Nobody wants the Lions to play for the MNC but you.  (caveat for this article is assume PSU wins out.  thanks for the willing suspension of disbelief).

ESPN is clearly salivating for a SEC vs. Big XII matchup.  Oddly, so is everybody else.  I was listening to EDSBS live the other day and Peter Bean and Orson Swindle both took the position that an undefeated Penn State team should not get a shot at the title.  Now, I would agree if PSU, Texas, and Alabama all remain undefeated.  However, this conversation was about how a one-loss team would get a shot at the title while PSU gets shut out.

For the record:  I want a playoff.  I hate Jim Delaney.  The Big Ten should have a title game.  However, I have heard arguments for the current BCS system explained this way:  It makes the regular season exciting because it makes each of those games a "playoff" game.  I think I've even heard this argument from Mr. Swindle.  Now, if the regular season is a "playoff" why should PSU be excluded?  They beat everyone in front of them.  Each team in a normal playoff has a different road to the title game and PSU would have taken care of all their games while other teams faltered.  Of course there should be an actual playoff, however, with the BCS as it is now, PSU should play for the title over ANY ONE LOSS TEAM!

When It comes time to howl about an actual playoff, I shall stand beside you with a pitchfor while we storm Jim Delaney's scary castle.



Anonymous said...

i would like to have a playoff too, but BCS rules state in order to have a playoff you have to have at least 12 teams in your conference...

Mike @ ZN said...

Orson is an SEC homer. Of course he'll use EDSBS as a platform to advance the SEC/anti-BigTen agenda.

HHV said...

These SEC/Big 12 homers can bitch and complain all they want about PSU and how they don't deserve to play for the national title if they go undefeated.

The fact of the matter is: If there are only two undefeated BCS conference teams left and PSU is one of them then PSU is playing in the National Championship Game. No "ifs, ands, or buts" about it, the BCS system will not allow any one-loss SEC/Big 12 team to jump ahead of us.

aw said...

I agree, the South is a hot bed for college football and they would love it if that basic area could play for a National Championship. Right now the only thing that can be done is to make sure we run the table. And yes, in the mean time, stand our ground. GO STATE

Anonymous said...

Bush says to God, "when will get out of Iraq? God answers, "not in your lifetime". The Prime Minister of Israel ask God when there will be peace in the Middle East. God answers, "not in your lifetime". A Penn State fan asks God, "when will there be a College Championship playoff?" God answers, "not in my lifetime".