Thursday, October 30, 2008

How Are You Spending Your Bye Week?

I am making the trek to Columbia, SC to watch the Gamecocks take on the Volunteers. It should be a good game, however, the best part will be the fact that I will be in a luxury box! I will be able to enjoy an SEC game without having to mingle with the unwashed masses teaming beneath me. Really, the best of all worlds.

How are you spending your bye week?
Emerging from your cave to spend time with the strangers living in your house your family.
Watching more football?
Rooting for whoever is playing Texas or Alabama?


J Mays said...

I'll be spending it celebrating the Phillies championship.

And hoping Texas or Alabama lose.

drozz said...

phillies championship.

for saturday:smokin', drinkin', and all types of ill sh!t.