Tuesday, October 21, 2008

This Game Is Gonna Be HUGE!

The Lions will have their biggest game of the season on Saturday when they venture into the un-friendly confines of The Horseshoe in Columbus. All the signs are falling in for this being a very big game; students set up a miniature Paternoville for the 200 student tickets available for PSU Students.

Also, College Gameday is coming to your city, you crazy Buckeye freaks! If you read the entire article, you will be treated to a very funny quote from irrelevant Vice-Figure-Head Chris Grassi (Paternoville Coordination Committee (PCC) Vice President).
"I'm concerned about the atmosphere," Grassi said. "It's going to be absolutely crazy. In 2006, they had a great atmosphere. I can't imagine what it will be like for a night game -- insane. Not rivaling ours, but probably close."
WHEW! Dude! You completely saved it there! You were about to possibly infer/concede/suggest that Ohio State's game-time atmosphere could rival PSU's! Close one. That last little part is what really saved it. I was starting to think: "what the hell is this kid thinking! Tosu can't hold a candle to the BEAV!" Then, you brought it all back. Good job.

We are also starting to get Penn State pocasts/bloggers wondering whether Saturday's game will be the biggest of their lives! I will now make some concessions: This is a big game, I am a huge fan of the over-the-top-rhetoric, I'm ready to get really fired up for the game, and I'm apparently incredibly old. This game is big, but I don't know if it is that big.



Anonymous said...

You obviously have your head so far up your PSU ass that you can't think straight. Are you kidding me about atmosphere!?! How was your atmosphere last year when the Bucks came to town? You beat us once, when T Smith was just getting going and you think your atmosphere is so great. The SHOE is like no other place in the Big Ten and it will rock your white-helmeted boys this Saturday night. You have NEVER beat us there and rarely beat us at all. Enjoy this week because it is your last as a fan of an undefeated team.

Elihu said...

You think you're old, I was at the Sugar Bowl when we won our first national title. I'd go with that as the biggest game of my lifetime. If I hadn't gone to that one, I might put the Fiesta Bowl as the biggest.

Anonymous said...

I love how Ohio State fans claim that Penn State fans have their heads "so far up your PSU ass"...then you read the rest of their statement and its clear that they "have their heads so far up their OSU ass" spare me, beat someone out of conference jack ass...if you claim to be the best prove it, beat an SEC team.

JB said...

Anonymous Buckeye,

I shall enjoy this week, as I enjoy every week after Penn State defeats their opponent.

It is true that PSU hasn't defeated Ohio State at the Horseshoe in quite some time. However, Penn Stat HAS won there. 1978 i believe. History is fun and useful you ill-educated bucknut.

The Horseshoe will be rocking on saturday, I am quite sure. However, I think PSU hands Tosu its second loss of the year!


mmangino said...

As a Buckeye fan, I think it's going to be a great game.

I'm also looking forward to the game next year. After recently moving to PA, I can't wait to get to a game at Beaver Stadium. It certainly looks like a great game day experience.

I hope you guys can all make it to the Horseshoe as well. It's a fun place to watch football.

Good luck this weekend.

JB said...


Thanks for all the kind words. I too think this will be a great game. 2005-esque if in excitement alone if not outcome.

I would really love to see a game in Columbus and I hope you have a great time in Happy Valley next year.