Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thursday Night Football

I'm having a great time watching NC State vs. FSU. I just want Bowden to lose as often as possible.

I am also watching TCU destroy BYU. So long, BYU! Your overrated assembly of homogeneous losers is sent back from whence you came! Does it feel odd to drop from #9 to out of the top twenty five in a single bound? Weird.



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Elihu said...

So, was I the only one screaming at the NC St players: "Come on. Make some more effort. Do you not even care about Joe & the record."? I did the same thing when FSU played Miami.

So, who has the longest winning streak now that BYU lost? I know we are at 8. I'm pretty sure I read that Texas Tech is at 8, too, & that is the longest in the Big XII.