Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Touching and Disturbing Look at Joe

EDSBS has a really well written, if incredibly morose, post up about Joe and his failing health.

I think/hope/wish that Joe will be able to recover from his current leg injury.  However, this article from an impartial observer certainly does make one think.

Joe said this last December:

"I think the perfect ending is you drop dead at the end of the game after you kick the winning field goal. And they carry you off the field, and everyone is singing, 'So long Joe, you've been wonderful.' "

The post I wrote at the time was lighthearted and fired up about Joe's outlook on life.  The quote, in this context, now takes on a completely different feeling.

I'm still pulling for Joe's complete recovery and I am excited about our current national title hopes!  (AS JOE IS!)




Gav said...

I don't know man. I think people are exaggerating the problems. I mean, yeah he has some joint issues, but those don't constitute serious threats to his life. This piece way over does it. I do agree that, if he were to retire, his health might suffer accordingly, given the lack of drive. But as of right now, people are only making such a big deal of these relatively minor injuries due to his age. I bet he recovers and coaches another few seasons.

ee said...

i agree with gav.