Saturday, October 11, 2008

UPDATE At The Half!

Penn State has looked great so far in this game. The Lions are up by 17 on the road and would be up by at least another TD but for some early miscues. Wisconsin looks completely overmatched on both sides of the ball.

Now, for some notable stats:
Clark is on 5 of 10 for 50 yards. Some big drops have retarded his stats. However, he is having a statistically poor passing game and PSU is still on pace to score 48 pts.

Evan Royster is having a good game. ER has racked up 58 yds. on 11 carries. Not statistically great, however, he is doing some tough running between the tackles. Look for him and Green to put up numbers in the second half.

Oh, and Derrick Williams is wildly inconsistent in the kicking game but still extremely dangerous. The only problem is that he is dangerous for both PSU and their opponents.
The defense looks solid and opportunistic.

Aaron Maybin is a goddamn bear-man!

I'm pounding Lagers and loving life!


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HHV said...

Correction: Aaron Maybin is a "ManBearPig"