Monday, October 27, 2008

What is Different After Beating OSU?

Right now, very little. Penn State remains third in both the AP and Coach's polls as well as the BCS standings. However, PSU is now receiving some first place votes in Coach's Poll while Alabama gets no first place votes. Odd.

Regardless, Penn State has cemented its strangle hold on third place and now seems to be pressing Alabama for second place. The Lions trail Alabama by only 25 votes in the coaches and 29 votes in the AP polls which leaves the Lions in good position to hop into the championship game (provided, of course, one of those teams lose and PSU wins out).

Just as a heads up, Texas still has to play:
@ Texas Tech
@ Kansas
Texas A&M
There is also the Big Twelve championship game should they survive this run through the regular season.

Alabama still has to play:
Arkansas State
Mississippi State
As well as a possible SEC championship game.

At this point it looks more likely that Texas will lose a game before Alabama does. Which means PSU vs. Alabama for the title looks pretty good.

Should both teams lose a game, it will probably be PSU vs. Texas. This is because Texas will still have played in and presumably won the Big 12 Title. This is because the hold the tie-breaker with Oklahoma. I don't see OU getting a shot at the title without being able to win their own league.

This is where we stand. Enjoy the bye week.



jd said...

who would you prefer to play?

texas, and make up for the travesty of 69?

bama? because something about 'bama and psu on the same field just seems to look right. yeah, i go with this one.

JB said...

I'd probably have to say 'bama. Not only for the tradition but also PSU and Alabama start a home and home series starting in 2010 or 2011. Wouldn't a NC matchup make those games even spicier!?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

actually, if ut loses to texas tech, and then tech wins out, they will probably be ranked #1. based on sos, and winning the bing xii championship game, that is what i've heard. and to be honest, they will have the same body of work as ut (b/c they will have also beat ou), so i can't disagree. that's why i'm hoping for a bama loss.