Saturday, October 25, 2008

Initial, Visceral Reactions To The Game

Wow. Two huge monkeys come off the back of the Nittany Lions in successive weeks. First, the Lions end a long losing streak to Michigan. Second, the Lions win at the Horseshoe for the first time in 30 years. This post is not about stats. This post is about raw, vaguely drunken, emotions.

Ohio State is a very good, if slightly predictable, football team. Tonight, Ohio State did not consistently move the ball effectively. Unless, of course, if it was third down. If it was third down it was almost a guaranteed 15 yard pass play. Odd.

Penn State has the best defense in the Big Ten.

Penn State seemed to wear out a good Ohio State defense.

TP looked like a Frosh late in the game.

As always....

Pat Devlin is the best backup QB in the Big Ten.

The offensive line and Royster got better as the game went along!

I am really incredibly happy.

Who hasn't played anybody now, bitches!



Anonymous said...

To go along with the vaguely drunk theme...

it is MAYHEM in State College right now. This is the most excited I have been about a team since 94 when I was six.

We need to take care of business against Iowa. LETS GO STATE!

Anonymous said...

Full disclosure, I'm an Ohio State fan coming over here to give you 'atta boys' for a well-played game last night.

As an aside, I strolled over to BSD earlier, looked at the comments, decided piss on 'em. Hard to tell if the assholishness tone of their comments was caused by drunken exuberance, or if they are just naturally assh@les.

Back to my post; a very well played game by PSU; they showed good gameplanning and good execution. I was impressed with the team's discipline, no penalties and no turnovers. I was hoping for the annual 'Jenkins-pick-six', but it was not to be. Honestly, I wasn't impressed with the HD offense, nothing special. However, I was impressed with the DH (Damn Hard) defense. Really good spacing, good fundamentals, a really good unit. Hats off to Bradley and staff. Well done.

Best of luck to the NitLions rest of the season, and kick some butt inthe BCS (hopefully the MNC).

JB said...


Thanks for the kind words and insight.

I don't think reactions were based on general assholishness, everybody is just really excited for another "curse" to fall this year. Losing every year to Michigan and losing every game at the Horseshoe is a bitter pill to swallow.

I think we might have just seen a true defensive display last night. Both teams looked really great on defense.

Regardless, great game. Good luck with the rest of the season!

Anonymous said...

You can read lots of negative commentary from Big 12 and SEC bigots about this kind of defensive game. However, PSU beat a very good athletic team in a hostile environment where they haven't been able to win in thirty years. What championship team does not have close calls, heck USC only beat an ordinary Arizona team 17-10 last night. Right now I would bet on PSU against any team including Texas, Alabama, USC or whoever.

Mike Mangino said...

Congrats guys!

That was a really good game. I'm proud of how well my Buckeyes played. We definitely got beat by a better team. Good luck on the rest of your season!