Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Agony and The Ecstasy!!!!!!!!!

Iowa took the wind right out of my sails.  It left me a defeated, deflated, devastated, husk of a man.  It was a tough loss.  It dashed national title hopes I didn't even think this team would have this year (until we obliterated Wisconsin).  Despite this crushing defeat, the Lions remain in a position to win the Big Ten and go to a BCS bowl game.  Why do I still feel so empty?

The expectations for this years team could be described as "cautious optimism".  The team seemed both new and experienced at the same time.  However, with a seemingly murderous late road schedule including @ Wisconsin, @ Tosu, @ Iowa, it seemed unlikely that PSU would have a championship season.  Conventional Wisdon put the ceiling @10-2 on PSU's season with 8-4 being the basement.  Which means regardless of what happens on Saturday, the Lions will have gone 10-2 maxing out our preseason hopes for this year's squad.  Yet, I still feel apathetic when that is the last way I should feel.

The Lions meet Sparty with everything on the line; a Big Ten Title, a chance at the Rose Bowl, a top ten finish.  I should be fired up out of my mind right now.  You should be fired up too!

Of course you feel bad about what might have been.  But the Lions need you now more than ever.  The season is only one game long and everything is on the line!  Get up off the mat and smack Sparty in the damn face!



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Mike @ ZN said...

Doesn't even feel like that Wisconsin game was this year... been a very, very long season... hopefully they'll end it on the highest of notes.