Wednesday, November 19, 2008

You Can't Freeze Your Nuts Off For Paternoville!

Students could be barred from forming Paternoville for the Michigan State game this week. The Collegian is reporting that should the weather drop below 32 degrees the passionate students will be forced to abandon Paternoville until the temperature warms up. Diabolical, yet pragmatic, sons of bitches!

This isn't a mere threat, the goddamn police will come to your tent at 11 PM and force you from your tent if the temperature is expected to dip below 32 degrees.
"There's going to be a stronger police presence at night than in the past just because of potential conditions," Boroch said. "Each night at 11, if temperatures are expected to go below 32, the police are going to come and essentially kick everyone out at Paternoville. They're going to go to all the tents and make sure no one is there."
Let the kids go out there and freeze until they are blue! Perhaps a lovely shade of Navy Blue.
Your zeal for PSU will keep your warm.



Anonymous said...

If this is the case then there will certainly be no Paternoville. The National Weather Service's forecast lows for the next several nights are as follows:
Tonight: 25
Thurs nite: 23
Fri nite: 20
Sat nite: 17 (probably a balmy 29 or so at opening kickoff)

As much as I hate to admit it, PSU is probably doing the right thing here, staying outdoors in temperatures near 20 isn't a great idea and it's a big liability for the university.

drozz said...
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drozz said...

PSU making good decision?

That's unpossible!!!

Do you know what would keep these kids from freezing? Burning the @#$!#@$%ing Land Grant Trophy.