Monday, November 24, 2008

AP, BCS, & Joe

After PSU's bitch-slapping of Michigan State the Lions have been catapulted, I repeat, Goddamn CATAPULTED to sixth in the AP poll from seventh.  This massive rise, however, was not enough to change the fact that the Lions are still firmly entrenched at eighth in the BCS standings.  The Rose Bowl shall be PSU's reward for a great season, I for one, would rather see the Lions take on USC than OrSU. 

Heres to hoping that Oregon knocks off OrSU which allows PSU to play a really good USC team.  I would be completely disappointed if the Lions had to face the Beavers again.  After firmly defeating the Beavers early in the Season there would be little intrigue to simply playing them again.  I would much rather see PSU face off against an elite program on a national stage.

Joe seems to have come through his hip surgery with flying colors.  This doesn't seem like the action of a man who has decided to retire.  Joe rushed himself into surgery as soon as he could in order to get ready for more practice, the bowl game, and hitting the recruitting trail.  Joe is twice the man I am.  He is glorious.

In the coming days we can talk a little about recruitting and, of course, watch as much football as humanly possible.  I don't know if you realized it but college football is rapidly coming to a close for this year.


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