Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Great End....

The Lions played great football today. (period)

Run. Pass. Whatever. The Lions played as well as they could today. Clark threw for 300+ yards and 4 TDs, he also ran for a TD. Royster went for over 100 total yards. Green showed a flash of brilliance. The big plays were back and the O-line dominated MSU.

The defense was firing on all cylinders this evening. Ringer was as ineffective as a turd in the current. He was in control of nothing and was completely at the whim of the Penn State defense. Yet again, the Penn State's defense is a killer when it comes to big time Big Ten Running Backs. Maybe Ringer and Wells can't sit around and hold each other's hand, and tell each other how great he is. Awesome.

MSU's offensive line was visibly terrified of PSU's pass rush from the very beginning. I should have kept a running count of how many false starts there were. I'm surprised they didn't line up tackles flanking the QB. If MSU's offensive line had just showed up in prison, Aaron Maybin would have 5 new bitches.

It was a great game. One had the time to step back and savor how great a season this was as well as wallow in how much better PSU was than their hapless opponents.

I am fired up! (I hope the Lions don't face OrSU!)


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