Thursday, November 20, 2008

Blue White Roundtable: Week of Michigan State

Zombie Nation brings us this week's questions.  My answers are below.  However, you simply must sample all 31 flavors of the PSU blogosphere.

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And it comes down to one game...

1. So, are you freaking out this week? Did you honestly think Penn
State would be in this position, going into the last week of the
season? How about Michigan State?

I am freaking out.  Since Iowa I have been feeling really down, I don't think I'm alone in this.  Also, last week's win against Indiana was really unsatisfying and really made everybody feel worse about the team.  However, we should be fired up.  If I had told you that PSU would be playing MSU to win the Big Ten in August you would have called me a Koo-aid drinking and banished me from your sight.  The fact that the team is in this position is beyond all reasonable predictions for this year's squad.  As such, get fired up about it!  MSU is in a similar position.  They are having a great season after years of inconsistency.

2. What would you like to see more of/less of this week?

I would like to see the offense get back on track.  However, with freezing temperatures and possible snow it could be tough for PSU's offense to put up numbers they had earlier in the year.  Because of this, it is critical for both lines to play better.  I want to see big holes opened up for Royster and I want lots of lineman burying the QB.

3. What are your feelings towards Derrick Williams' career as a
Nittany Lion? Has he lived up to the hype? How? If not, who's to

Living up to hype is a funny thing.  If you had asked this question at the end of the 2005 season everyone would have said that Derrick Williams was the real deal.  However, since then he has been less of an impact player and more of a consistently productive, versatile, and dependable football player.  I, for one, could not be happier that D-Will is running the ball when he lines up at QB.  Having him throw a pass from that formation every time was fooling nobody.  I don't think anyone is "to blame".  He has been a very good player for the Lions and will always be remembered fondly for reviving the program.

4. The national media is back-pedaling on their summertime pro-SEC
propaganda, now saying that conference in overrated. What gives?
Haven't we (basically, everyone outside the SEC) been saying that the
whole time? How would Penn State stack up against the top few SEC
teams, like Alabama, Florida and Georgia, on a neutral field?

I think it would be a great game.  I believe that the SEC is very strong from top to bottom, however, that doesn't mean that every team in the SEC could win the Big Ten.  The eventual champs from each conference would probably put up a great fight against any other conference champ.  Except the Big East.  Oh, and the ACC.  Everybody else would be fine.

Bonus/Lightening/Whatever you want to call it, Round...

-Daryll Clark throws a pick?

-Royster scores? How many times?

Two Tds

-Did you go to any games this year? How many?

I did not make it to any games this year.  I am ashamed.


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