Friday, November 21, 2008

Predictions and The Past

Last I saw, Vegas was calling PSU a 14 point favorite for this weekend's contest with MSU. This sounds absurdly high to me. I think Indiana put out a great blue print on how to beat the Lions. Milk the clock, control the ball, keep PSU off the field, and keep the game close. With Ringer in the backfield I see no reason why MSU won't employ this gameplan and do it well.

Because of MSU's potent ground attack (remember how Iowa gave the Lions fits?), and the freezing temps predicted in Happy Valley (at least they are predicting it to be clear!) neither team will crack 30 points. Final prediction:

PSU: 24
MSU: 17

In other news, Chris Bell has been sentenced for his penchant to wield a blade instead of using his big-boy-voice. He got 4 years probation. Good luck to you Chris but never darken the halls of University Park again.

How glad are you to have unloaded this guy?


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