Monday, November 03, 2008


After the BCS numbers came out the lines have been clearly drawn in the sand.  We have three conference who are bound and determined to tear each other to bits in order to get into the National Title game.  The Big XII, tthe Big Ten, and the SEC would all tear a kitten to pieces in front of you to get into this game.  Which means that going after the other conferences is no problem. 

This phenomenon is readily observable in big time college football blogs around the nation.  Observe:

BSD fired the opening salvo, and rightly so, with the publishing of his blogpoll ballot (PSU #1!!!!!! WHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).  The Blue-White nation is feeling overlooked and disappointed with the BCS results and BSD gives us an excellent voice when he says:

I have to put Texas Tech in the #2 spot based on their win over Texas. But honestly, I'm not as impressed with the Big XII as the rest of the country is. Sure, they have some great quarterbacks and great offenses, but their defenses are terrible. I watched the Texas-TT game last night and by the third quarter you could tell whoever got the ball last was going to win. I saw missed tackles, poor pursuit angles, and just overall poor defense. I can't see Texas Tech going undefeated.

I would also add that people were howling that Penn State's schedule was too weak, particularly, the OOC schedule.  However, if you look at Texas Tech's Schedule they are looking pretty fucking week too.  However, I don't hear anybody talking about that.  Nope.  All we hear about is about how great the Big XII is this year and how anybody's defense would have to put on a god damned red, yellow, and blue cape to try and stop them.

Peter Bean over at Burnt Orange Nation knows how to fucking stick up for his conference.  He devoted an entire posting to essentially calling BSD's ballot a crock of shit.  This is a man whose beloved Long Horns were just bested on a last minute play on national television to an in-state, in conference rival.  What is he doing on Monday morning?  Cracking skulls and pimping his conference.  That is true devotion. 

BON defends the Big XII's name with a series of "charts" and "facts".  Pffft.  Like anyone cares about facts.  We care about vitriol, rhetoric and casual swearing.  Fuck.  Facts just get in the way and slow you down!  Seriously though, the one counter argument I would make is this:  Peter, does it mean anything that you force a team to score 28% fewer points in a game when the offense is averaging 900 points per game?  I mean, it means that team still burned you for 648 points!  Who cares that you got them to score less than they average, they still just lit you up!

Double T Nation, another fine SBN Blog, has their blogpoll up as well.  They don't offer any new arguments, rather, they cling to BON's skirts.  Peep it:

You really need to go check out Peter Bean's work over at Burnt Orange Nation as he takes exception with Black Shoe Diaries' BlogPoll ballot and not being impressed with the Big 12 defenses, while Penn State has a great defense and a good offense against bad defenses. I'm pretty sure that I don't have much to add there and it seems that much of BSD's contentions are that they don't expect Texas Tech to survive, which doesn't make sense to me, and that the Texas defense is terrible.

Those are our contentions sir.  Now hurry up and lose to Oklahoma St.!  Or, if you prefer to make things interesting, please lose to Oklahoma which would create a fine mess in the Big XII south.

The lines have been drawn.  Choose a side or be destroyed!


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