Monday, November 03, 2008

The Polls SHOULD Piss You Off!!!!

As most of you already know, Texas Tech hurdled Penn State in the BCS standings. BSD is counseling for patience and they are probably right. I, however, am fucking pissed off. (as an aside, BSD has very good reasons why you shouldn't be pissed off. However, I am filled with a blinding white rage. What patience I had dissolved a while ago.)

Texas Tech? Seriously? What the fuck is the matter with these computers? Penn State is still ranked #2 in both the Harris and Coaches Poll. But these Texas Tech yahoos are #2 in the BCS? Where the fuck do you figure they make up the points? Texas Tech has played the following teams so far this year:
Eastern Washington
Southern Methodist
Kansas St.
Texas A&M
Oklahoma State
And you think PSU was ducking people in the out of conference schedule? Seriously? But now we will gladly hand over #2 to these fucking pretenders?

Texas Tech is a fine offensive freak show but National Title contenders they are not. Their biggest test was an exhausted Texas team who they got to play at home. Odds are, they will be beaten in similar high-scoring, wet-tissue defense game against Oklahoma State next week. Right now, however, I am pissed off.

This is a TT team that gave up 24 points to Eastern Washington, the same team who was taken to the wire by a terrible Nebraska team (37-31).

No, no! They are clearly the second best team in the Country! Why would I be pissed? I'm happy for them. Nope, totally happy. Especially because TT's head coach is clearly a genius. I mean, observe:
"Oklahoma State is now the biggest game in the history of this year."
Via Double-T Nation

Obviously, none of my ridiculous rantings will have any effect. PSU still needs to go out and take care of business over the next three weeks. Maybe this is exactly what the Lions need to refocus the Lions on the task at hand. Still. Yeah. I am fucking pissed.



boilerdowd said...

PSU is a victim of the ineptitude of the Big Ten, right now. If T Tech can win out, they'll deserve a shot at the BCS title game...they won't be able to do that, what's in front of them is just too great of a roadblock. Conversely, your lions will be getting fat off of the Big Ten slugs; have no fear, PSU should come out ahead if they can do their part and win out.

Andy said...

Jables I am RIGHT on board with you my man. The only thing the T.T v TX game proved was that both teams are severely over-rated.

Texas' defense looked like 4 defensive linemen struggling to stay on their feet while the linebackers, CB's and safeties struggled to understand which game they were playing.

Texas Tech nearly BLEW THE GAME to a team they had a trillion point lead on for the first 3 and a half quarters and wasn't even playing defense!

THEN factor in exactly what you said about T.T's strength of schedule and my. good. god. Could the bias be any fucking clearer?

I was watching ESPN the other day and they brought up the PSU v OSU game - they were crediting the entire win by discrediting Ohio State (Beanie isn't as good as everyone thought, Pryor just isn't the player we thought he was, blah blah blah). Of COURSE. PSU wins a HUGE, AWAY game at a top 10 team, but only because that team wasn't as good as they thought. WTF?!

I hate Ohio State, but ye gods, my guess is they'd smash both Texas Tech and Texas.

Fuck the southern homers. WE ARE!

drozz said...

i don't believe T.Tech and Texas are severely overrated. Both have top-notch offenses. i think a more accurate descritpion would be "slightly", but that's just me being a dick and nitpicking.

however, it concerns me that those given votes are easily distracted by offensive prowess. Both defenses folded in the second half of that game. most notable? on the game defining play after the int. that would have won the game for Texas, #12 on Texas (the safety) overpursued crabtree, and then stopped playing. no heart.

also, the spread was 73 1/2. and they almost beat it.

given a neutral venue, PSU wins agianst either team.

is anyone else going to be severely irritated if OSU goes to the Rose bowl to play USC? That's twice OSU has to travel to play USC in SoCal.

Anonymous said...

I'm just getting tired of having to deal with OSU screwing up the big ten. Its not our fault that they screw up in every big game. Just because they lose to the SEC every time they get a chance, doesn't mean that PSU will. Its frustrating to know that we can go into bowl games against the far superior SEC and come out with wins, even with an average quarterback. I think that we should get a shot at being the best team in he nation, we've proved ourselves on the field, its not the kid's fault that crappy teams were put in front of us. We've dominated all the teams that we're supposed to. I think that it's bull shit that the writers in america have their heads shoved so far up their ass that they allow a team with no defense to jump Penn State when all they do is win. I'm tired of them just having little orgasms every week about the Big XII. They just are really good offenses going on the field every week. There has been no defense played up to this point. The most defense that we saw out of a big profile game was the 28-24 win for Texas against Ok St. Its ridiculous. Oh, and Ohio State sucks, and Ann Arbor is a whore, The big XII is overrated, Bobby Bowden needs to have like 100 of his wins erased, Thanks and have a good day.

JB said...

Hate will set you free!


Anonymous said...

tech deserves to be #2 right now, considering they are undefeated in a superior conference. not that i think the big xii is far and away better, but their big wins (kansas ut) are more impressive so far. if they win out, they deserve the spot in the nc game (they will have also beat oklahoma and ok state). so who cares where they are ranked now. if they win out, they obviously aren't overrated, and if they don't, we'll move into the #2 spot. my guess, we'll be #1 by the time we need to jump on a plane to miami, but we'll also be 14 point dogs to florida.

JB said...

I disagree that they deserve to be #2. Did you not look at their OOC schedule? Sure they beat an exhausted Texas team at home. Who cares. Fact is, they have only beaten two ranked teams (same as PSU) and have played a worse OOC schedule (IMO). Some of PSU's unranked opponents include a Wisconsin team who was ranked in the top ten two weeks before the game with PSU, a OrSU team who then beat USC, and Tosu on the road. I think that is better than TT's resume to date.

Doom said...

Take a deep breath, these polls are not a reflection of the season, they are only the poll of the week. No one remembers what TT did a week ago let along 8 weeks ago, and until Saturday night, their claim to fame this season was the "bell ringer" in the Navy game.

The only thing I was really surprised about was that they found a way to correctly slot TX ahead of Oklahoma, it meant dropping them and USC even though they won.

The media has a fixation against the B-10. They are blind to the fact that the SEC is a 2 team event (Florida and Alabama), and that UGa, LSU & Auburn were ridiculously overrated, and have little defense.

All we can do is go out and win our games, and win them well. A loss will drop us beyond 10th. A narrow win will likely drop us. They need to be woodshed matches of the first degree. Force these jamokes to be humiliated to push a one loss SEC - B12 team ahead of us.

Anonymous said...

i'm not going to argue who's ooc schedule is better, b/c the fact is, neither is anything to boast about. and so what about wisconsin being in the top 10 2 weeks b/f we beat them. they have since been exposed as a very bad football team. but as i said, it doesn't matter right now. if psu wins out, and alabama and ttech do to, there is no way we can argue psu's schedule was better. tech will have won in norman and over ok state. alabama will have beaten lsu (while down, still much better than say wisconsin or michgan this year) and will have taken care of florida in the sec championship game. if those all happen, we'll be (rightfully, since there is no playoff) left with the rose bowl. as i said earlier, i'm pretty sure tech loses in norman, and bama loses for uf in the sec championship game. then we'll get our shot at the gators. until these games play out, a ranking of #3 means nothing.