Monday, December 01, 2008

BCS Business

I have problem with how the BCS has sorted itself out in regard to Penn State's season. I said it before and I'll say it again, if PSU was to play for the National Title than they needed to go undefeated. Iowa put an end to that so PSU should not get a chance to play for the title.

However, I think the BCS standings in regard to the Big 12 is incredibly horrid. Oklahoma is going to play for the conference title, this, of course, shuts out Texas. This Texas team defeated Oklahoma by ten on a neuteral field. I don't understand what the problem is with conferences letting teams settle stuff on the field in stead of resorting to a tie (shudder) or bizzarre tie-breakers.

The only real poetic way for this to end would be for Missouri to win the Big 12 title game and for Florida to beat Alabama. This would leave Florida and Texas to play for the title? A texas team who didn't even win their division let alone the conference championship. But who would you replace them with? USC? Really?






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Anonymous said...

I don't understand your problem with the way the Big 12 settled their tie. It was a 3-way tie, If Texas deserved to go because they beat OU, then Tech deserved to go because they beat Texas, but OU deserved to go because they beat Tech.

BCS ranking was the 5th or 6th tie-breaker. (Head to head was the 1st). It just so happens that OU, Tech, and Texas were tied every way possible. At some point you have to pick a team.