Sunday, November 30, 2008

Nittany Lion Charged With DUI

Nittany Lion. DUI. Flibbity! Gibbity!

(deep breathing)

Okay. James D. Sheep, AKA THE NITTANY LION, was arrested on charges of DUI. Find it all here.

Have we come so far that even the mascots can't have lives of their own? Oh yes. And, you're welcome!

A few questions:

1. Did he perform on-armed push-ups as part of sobriety tests?
2. Did his status as "greatest mascot of all time" come up?
3. Did he attempt crowd-surf his way to freedom away from pursuing officers?
4. Pathetic roaring and scratching at officers probably didn't go over well, however, did they result in more charges?
5. Fulmer cup points?

I kid because I love!


1 comment:

PSUgirl said...

I can answer one question -no FC points are awarded during football season. Rendering said query moot.