Friday, December 05, 2008

For The Penn Stater In Your Life

Forgive me for a little shameless promotion. In my defense, this isn't self-promotion, rather, it is promotion of some fine PSU products I have found while running the 28th best Penn State football blog on the inter-tubes.

Asgard Press has another great calendar out this year. Just check out this freaky little screen-shot of Ms. December:

I already have mine, in fact, I'm all set to switch out my '08 calendar for the new model!
Get over to Asgard and grab a great gift for yourself or the blue/white painted hooligan sitting next to you.

Second, head on over here. I know, I know. Not a lot of PSU stuff on first glance, right. However, look on the right and notice how you can get "custom" items? Oh yeah. Observe:

Get you the hottest PSU Couture you can dream up! YES! Get something for your girlfriend. We all know you own a lot of PSU stuff, but does your lady?

I am fired up for a Blue-White Holiday Season! WOOOOOO!


1 comment:

Mike @ ZN said...

Totally need that calendar this year... love the game program images