Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Recruiting: Via Internet Stalkery

We are over a week removed from Penn State's football season but it is never to soon to start thinking about recruiting. Sure, the lager from this year's season isn't warm yet and we are going to talk about recruiting? Absolutely.

Never fear. This recruiting edition is going to be light on the stats and blah, blah, blah; and heavy on awesome videos. The following is just a sample of some key positions that PSU may be looking at in the 2009 class. As I am want to say; BEHOLD THEIR EXCELLENCE!

Jelani Jenkins WLB 5-Star
Olney, MD (what is to say that LJSR can't get this kid out of Maryland and into Larryland?)

The kid is fucking fast and he hits like a sledgehammer. While PSU may seem stocked at LB, this guy seems like a singular talent and a potential All American. Definitely a good fit for LBU!

Kevin Newsome QB 4-Star
Chatham, VA

While he doesn't seem transcendent he has a rocket arm and good wheels. He seems more than capable of running the spread HD. DC-17 has one more year and Devlin has only one more year after that. PSU needs to recruit a QB.

Bryce McNeal WR 4-Star
Minneapolis, MN
AKA "B-Meezy"

The B-Meezy thing seems ridiculous, however, if you look at the tape, the kid possesses great acceleration as well as excellent moves. With three of the best WRs PSU has ever known leaving, it might be a good idea to try to restock the cupboard.

Curtis Dukes RB 4-Star COMMITTED!
Philadelphia, NY

PSU seems to have a solid stable of RBs. Royster, Green, Beachum, each seem like a good talent. However, experience teaches us that a good team is deep at RB, especially, a team that plays in cold weather.



GO STATE! BEAT (insert Pac-10 team here!)

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Anonymous said...

Dukes is fast, but I didn't see one run inside on that entire tape. That worries me a bit.