Thursday, January 01, 2009

An Ass Kicking

We might as well call the first half exactly what it was; it was an ass-kicking. in the first quarter PSU held their own only to have USC explode in the second quarter.

USC had 340 yards in the first half and Sanchez is on pace to throw for 552 yds. The PSU secondary looks genuinely terrible.

I am shocked and appalled.



Mike @ ZN said...

You said it, bud. This game was completely the fault of the PSU secondary.

Sure the line had some troubles, but it was blown coverages, and soft zones (8-9 yards off the line??!!??) that cost PSU the Rose Bowl.

Hey, at least PSU scored a bunch at the end. So much for those second half shutouts USC loved to talk about.

drozz said...

no press coverage leads to very large, fast receivers exposing the secondary all day on the seams.

that, and stupid penalties, turnovers, etc. bleh.

im over it. bid farewell to the seniors, and thank them for their service. it's time to start looking ahead.

did anyone notice maluga doing anything special? i remember him making one play in the second half.