Friday, January 02, 2009

Coming to Terms

Penn State got beaten. The Lions got handled and we should all be
thankful the team came out and played much better in the second half
or the outcome could have been devastating rather than disappointing.

The simple fact of the matter is that USC was clearly the better team
yesterday evening. In most aspects of the game, I thought the teams
were fairly even, however, it became painfully obvious that USC's WRs
just outclassed PSU's entire secondary. Combine that with the
mistakes PSU made during the entire first half and it was clearly the
undoing of a very good Nittany Lion team.

I thought Royster and Green both played very well until both were hurt
(i haven't been able to find an update on how both are doing yet).
Oddly, both averaged exactly 5.7 yds/carry.

I thought Clark played well and he should have an excellent year
next year.

Bowman and Maybin played well. There has been a lot of chatter about
Project Mayhem declaring himself elligible for the draft. I hope when
he sees the game tape he realizes that he needs to improve his size/
speed/overall game before he goes pro. Don't get me wrong, Maybin
played well, however, he was far from dominant. He had four total
tackles and only one tackle for a loss. Stay for another year, big man!

Bowman had a great day with 8 tackles five of which were for a
loss. He and Lee should give teams fits in 2009.

Thanks for a great year Lions! I am already excited for 2009!

Go State!

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drozz said...

weirdly enough, nobody last night at my house was that po'd at the game. we were a little let down, but the mood was still optimistic when looking at next season.

was it me, or was the USC OL more concerned with Odrick then Maybin?

We get both them back, put general Lee out there with Bowman, and we have a damn good shot at getting back into the Rose Bowl. 8 more months!