Monday, January 05, 2009

Rooting For Ohio State Is Like Jury Duty

Ohio State is playing Texas tonight and you need to root for the Buckeyes.  Why?  Because the Big Ten desperately needs another team to win a bowl game.  Last I saw, the Big Ten was 1-4 in this year's bowl season.  Big East-esque and generally disgraceful.  For the good of the conference Ohio State has to win a big game against Texas.

I know, I know.  The Buckeyes are the worst!  But look at it this way, rooting for the Buckeyes is like Jury Duty.  Both are incredibly distasteful and require you to gaze into the underbelly of criminal society.  However, when you are a part of a community it is your civic responsibility to, once a year, suck it up and do what you have to do.

Believe me, nobody wants to serve on a jury yet we need people to do it.  So take a deep breath and pretend, for one evening only, the Buckeye pride-stickers aren't the most odious thing you have ever seen.



Kevin McGuire said...

No way man. I'm rooting for Texas to dismantle Ohio State. Even if OSU wins the Big Ten will still be looked down on and blasted and shoved aside, this year.

I also want Texas to prove to everyone why they should have been in the BCS championship game and maybe we can put to rest all of that USC non sense. If any team should feel disrespected for not being in the championship game it is Texas.

Anonymous said...

l'd only root for Texas by association- cousin goes there. Otherwise, I agree with you that the league needs another win to at least keep a slight reputation... if anything. Anyhow, my cousin will be there to get pictures so we will hopefully remember a successful game.