Thursday, January 22, 2009

PSU Recruiting Map

I was wandering around over at when I came across a google maps application which allows you to view the recruiting progress of a school or conference in map form. For example, peep the PSU recruiting map.

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Or USC's:

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It is interesting to be able to get this sort of graphical comparison of recruiting classes. While college football is and always will be a regional sport, it is interesting to note how USC recruits on a national scale in comparison to PSU's very regional recruiting.

Which begs the question, should PSU be recruiting on a national scale or are the Lions getting what they need from the North East?



Kevin McGuire said...

My guess is that it is easier for USC to recruit on a national scale compared to Penn State because of the weather. Let's not kid ourselves. Kids with possible NFL talent want to play in warmer weather a lot of the time.

Jeff said...

Those are cool maps. I thought it was interesting that Michigan actually does more national recruiting than USC. It's just that the majority are from Ohio/Mich whereas the majority of USC's recruits are from Southern Cal.

BK said...

It shows that the PSU staff pretty much keeps to Joe's "200 mile" philosophy which is just that - everything we need to be successful (recruit speaking) is within a 200 mile radius of Happy Valley.

Anonymous said...

Cool, those are called Mash-ups incase anyone is curious

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