Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Signing Day Tomorrow

News has been slow lately, however, that will change as tomorrow is signing day!

People bemoan the recruiting practices of teenage boys and, to be honest, it is a little slimey.  However, recruiting is the life-blood of a college football program.  It is particularly interesting for PSU who has been more of a "rebuild" program rather than a "reload" program.  Tomorrow will have some impact on whether PSU is looking at two years of 8-4/9-3 or whether the Lions will be able to win 10+ games again this year.

It seems as though PSU has needs at virtually every area of the game.  For example:

The Defensive line needs added depth and explosion after losing two huge DE to the NFL.
Linebackers need to be replenished as well.  Sean Lee is returning from a significant injury and this will be his last year with the Lions.
Graduation has depleted the defensive secondary.

The offensive line only has two returning starters for the '08 campaign.
While PSU does have a big time player at QB the Lions have virtually no depth behind Clark.
Both RBs are returning from injuries sustained against USC in the Rose Bowl.
The most productive Wide Receiving corps in school history just graduated.

So, yeah.  Tomorrow could be important.

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