Thursday, February 05, 2009

Recruiting Game

A lot of hay has been made of PSU's recruiting over the past few years. In fact, a lot of people think that Joe should no longer be the head coach because he doesn't get out and recruit as much as he used to. This is, of course, nonsense.

Now, it is difficult to judge recruiting classes before any of the players take to the field on the college level. Some guys will excel at the college game and others will struggle. This is why it is difficult to put a whole lot of stock in the various grades handed out by Rivals and Scouts inc. However, it certainly is fun to talk about who has the best class and who is recruiting well and which of your arch rivals couldn't recruit a turd to attend their turd-festival!

We will find out over the next 4 years exactly how good the 2009 recruiting class is, however, for the moment, we must content ourselves with what the recruiting experts say about these kids. Scouts Inc. grades PSU's 2009 recruiting class as the tenth best in the country. Put that in your pipe and smoke it you Paterno-hating recruitniks! This is also PSU's 2nd top ten recruiting class in the last four years. Not too shabby. Also, you must consider that not only has PSU assembled a nice collection of talent but also the team has been able to address pressing needs on the offensive line, the defensive secondary, and the wide receiving corps. Taken together, you have to be pleased with PSU's recruiting effort in 2009.

In short, Lions rule. As we were graded as having a better recruiting class than:
Florida St. (hang it up, Bobby, you are never catching Joe!)
Notre Dame
To name a few.


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Anonymous said...

Let me say this first, I am as big a fan as they come for PSU. I not only went to school there but played there too.

But this, like many of your other posts is leaned towards how you feel and doesn't represent all the facts.

Lion's Rule, not so fast my friend, according to Rival's we don't as much as you think. Rankings of the teams you listed; FSU #6, Michigan #7, ND #20, PSU #25.

So while we did have a nice little day yesterday, we still lack the big time recruits, the program changers, like Mr. Jenkins, who went to Sunshine.