Thursday, January 08, 2009

Tonight's Game is To Be Savored!

We have reached the very end of the college football season.  After tonight, we will only have the NFL upon which to cling.  The NFL, however, is merely a bandage on a massive wound.  All the more reason to savor what will be a great college football game.

The last two Heisman Trophy winners will be on the field tonight.  Both are great players.  Both are polar opposites in how they play the quarterback position.  Tebow paints in broad strokes as he smashes through defenses and then launches the ball down the field.  Bradford paints with a very detailed water color brush.  It will be fascinating to watch.

Also, the week leading up to this game has been surprisingly chippy.  Both teams feel slighted and disrespected and will be really fired up for tonight's game.  Needless to say, all the refs should be on the field for warm-ups to stop a free for all during stretches.

The difference in the game will be that I believe that Florida is simply a more physical football team on both sides of the ball.  Tebow is a punishing runner and the Florida defense is a very physical hard-hitting defense.  I just don't know if the Sooners will be able to stand up to the toughness of the gators.  To reduce this to a shitty metaphor: Florida is an armored Humvee and Oklahoma is a Ferrari.  It will all depend on whether the two vehicles will compete in a 1/4 mile sprint or in a demolition derby.  I just happen to think tonight's game will be a demolition derby and therefor the Gators will win.

Regardless, this game is going to be great.



boilerdowd said...

I already miss her, and she's not even gone yet.

Mike @ ZN said...

Love the Humvee/Ferrari analogy.

Who says it's over?! Now we have recruiting, signing day, spring ball, spring games, summer workouts, release of NCAA 2010, preseason workouts, and the thousands of "preseason top 25s" to go!

College Football never ends!

JB said...

You are a fired up individual.

And you are right, college football doesn't end. However, it does lie dormant for far too long!

PSUgirl said...

the worst "break" (IMO) is post NFL draft until fall practice begins. between now and blue-white/draft it's not so bad.

otherwise, I found last night's game to be a bit tedious. there were some great plays - but the rest just seemed to be Sam Bradford looking over at the sideline.