Monday, February 09, 2009

CNNSI Generally Likes PSU's New Class

I was trolling around today when I happened across this little article about the Lions.  There is the usual sub-plot about how "Joe is Old", however, this article takes the position that Joe's age is not the issue everyone wants to make it.  Really, the article is very upbeat about PSU's recruiting class and, to be honest, it was refreshing to hear.

The article also made me start to wonder about what the 2009 offense will look like?  Will Brown make it on the field this year at WR with Zug and Brackett?  Regardless of what the combination, PSU's WR corps will have significantly more size that in '08.  Moye, Brackett, Zug, and now Brown are all well over six feet tall.  I'm not saying the WRs will be better this year, however, it would be nice to have some more size on the outside.  Maybe break some tackles.  I haven't looked it up but I feel that last year's WRs didn't have a great YAC.

Could 5-star recruit Eric Shrive see the field this year?  I know he is a frosh and it is tough to become a starter on the offensive line, however, he is goddamn huge at 6' 7" and over 300 bills maybe he could do it.

Kevin Newsome enters the program in the most ideal way possible.  He has enrolled for the spring semester so he will clearly get a jump on getting ready for the fall.  However, there is not likely to be a big controversy as to whether Newsome should red-shirt a year as he will likely back-up Mr. Clark.  This will allow Kevin to gain experience by watching Clark and we can feel secure in the fact that he should not be red-shirting.  Should Newsome get some playing time in clean-up, should Clark be injured, or, better yet, should we have a few plays specifically designed for Newsome he will get some good exposure to game speed which will prepare him for 2010.

I'm totally fired up! WOOOOOOOO!


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