Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Spring Survival Kit

The college football season is over.  LOI day is past.  We are in a dead period as far as college football news goes.  Accept it.  However, this does not mean that you shouldn't have something to look forward to on your calendar.

First, the NFL combine is going to be featuring 8 Nittany Lions in this year's week long meat-market.  This should occupy you from Feb 20th-26th.  It would be a great boost to the program if these guys had a good combine.  Particularly, Derrick Williams and Co. need to show that PSU's skill position players can be big time pros.

Second, Spring practice should get ramped up in late March and along with it will come our first information on how Newsome and Co. are coming along.

Third, the 2009 Blue White game is going to be on Saturday April 25, 2009.  The Blue White game has been great over the past few years as it has allowed studs like Royster and Green to shine.  It really has given the Nittany faithful something to look forward to. 

Last, the NFL draft is on the same weekend as the Blue/White game.  Would it kill anybody to stagger these out?  It would be nice to devote an entire weekend to only one football-centric venture, it is kind of nice to fire up two TVs and listen to Paterno's commentary on the game.

Do not despair, noble PSU fans.  Things may be dull now, however, there are things to look forward to on the horizon!


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