Thursday, February 12, 2009

New No Taunting Rule

The NCAA is thinking about instituting a new no taunting rule.  The new rule would basically turn some taunting calls from dead-ball fouls into live-ball fouls, meaning, if player A taunts Player B while headed into the endzone the TD could be called back.

Orson hates it because, well, it is retarded. 

I hate it because it should be completely unnecessary. 

Look, taunting happens when young men meet in the crucible of college football.  But is taunting such a scourge upon the sport that we need to ramp up the rules even more?  I mean, if you taunt another player you will already be penalized but now we want to take points off the board?

I will say, I don't think this will impact PSU that much.  I'm not saying that PSU doesn't do any taunting, however, I think that when it does occur the offending player finds himself in Joe's doghouse for at least the rest of the game.  A penalty is bad, however, the way to affect the players is to take away their playing time.

Success with Honor!



drozz said...

see Alford, Jay.

Kevin McGuire said...

I will always remember the video of Tamba Hali's sack resulting in a fumble on Ohio State's Troy Smith. Hali calmly walks back to the sideline.

Act like you have been there before! To act otherwise shows me you didn't expect to do something great.