Monday, February 23, 2009

PSU 2009 Combine Results

The Draft is upon us!  Because we certainly don't have actual football to talk about you might as well watch the guys who have fled your team for NFL glory participate in relatively pointless acts of athleticism.  Does it mean anything?  Not really.  However, it is interesting to see raw 40-times and the like to see how what you have been seeing on the field for year/s translates into numbers.

You can always go to for your info, however, I found a lot of good stuff right over here.

Lets talk about 40 times as they are probably the most interesting part of the combine.  PSU had a couple of guys perform very well in the 40 yd dash and a few guys who were surprisingly slow.

Deon Butler ran a damn 4.38.  I will say again: Deon Butler ran a goddamn 4.38 40!  He is the fourth fastest man in the damn combine!  I knew, or at least I thought I knew that DB was fast, however, he proved that he has elite speed.  Which, for DB, is huge.  Before he blistered out this ridiculous time he had a 50/50 shot of being drafted.  Now, his draft status has to be significantly higher.  While he may not be the biggest player in the draft DB has certainly shown that he has great hands and has the ability to run away from pursuers.

Oddly, D-Will was the slowest of the PSU receivers at the combine as DB ran a blistering 4.38 and Norwood edged Williams out by one one-hundredth of a second.  Derrick did impress when it came to the bench press putting up 15 reps which was one of the best among the WRs.  Had you told bet me money that Butler was 2 tenths of a second faster than D-Will I would've taken that bet and started counting my money!  To be fair, this shouldn't impact Derrick's draft status that much.  He is  still a good WR who is very tough, strong, and versatile.  The only thing he is really lacking is elite speed.  He certainly could fit in well with a team obsessed with the wild-cat.

AQ Shipley is a bulldog on the field and he must be a beast in the weight room.  He is one of the fastest lineman in the draft running a 5.19 in the 40.  He put up 33 reps in the bench press.  People are questioning his ability to be a pro because of his "arm-length".  Are we serious?  AQ is a tough, smart, strong, hard-working kid who is nasty on the football field.  He is going to be a good pro.

We should get some more stats as the combine continues today.



drozz said...

i really thought arm span was only useful outside of the center position for an OL.

he's a center; i believed t-rex arms would be kind of an asset.

JB said...

I was watching the combine over the weekend and one of the commentators referred to Shipley like this:

This little guy is a tenacious stump of muscle.

I'm paraphrasing but who cares if a guys arms don't drag on the ground when he walks. He is a good football player and an excellent athlete.