Monday, February 23, 2009

Aaron Maybin Is Officially Fast

Aaron Maybin ran a 4.78 forty. 

Dude may be light (in the 240s) but he is fast!

He wasn't the fastest of the Defensive lineman but seeing as how he is only .2 seconds slower than Derrick Williams I think he will be just fine.

Damn, I wish Project Mayhem were still with PSU!


Anonymous said...

Do you realize that Maybin's 40 was slower than expected, and may have hurt him a little? DWill's was "Oh My God what's wrong with him?" slow. It came out after the fact that DWill ran with the flu.

JB said...

Yeah, I wouldn't have been surprised if Maybin ran the forty faster than he did. You are correct, that D-Will's time was very slow. However, Maybin's time was still pretty fast as his time was nearly as good as the top performing TEs and LBs.

Maybin = fast.