Tuesday, March 03, 2009

No News Is Good News

We are in the doldrums of the year when it comes to college football. Spring practice isn't underway, the spring game/draft is a month away, all is quiet in Nittany Nation. This is exactly the way a Penn State Football fan should want it. Let's examine the situation. Off-field news is almost always bad news. This time of year all news about the Lions is off-field news. No off-field news is good news.

The past few off-seasons have been full of juicy gossip and drama involving fights, trials. Last year we were in the throws of the Pryor-Sweepstakes, T. Sales got arrested, rumors were swirling regarding Joe choosing a successor, Quarless got a DUI during State Patty's Day, Chris Bell was kicked off the team for attacking another player, Pringle was fondling himself in the stacks, it was a busy off-season to say the least.

This year we are treated to the lovely silence of players behaving nicely and not getting into legal trouble. It is nice isn't it? News is so slow that BSD is covering PSU baseball! Soon, cats and dogs will live in harmony and Penn State will make it into the NCAA tournament! I mean, for the love of god, Joe must be on cloud 9 right now!

Life is good.

Oh yeah, by the way, Sean Lee is a goddamn bear!


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