Monday, April 27, 2009

I'm Drunk On Spring Football.... And Wine

This is what I'm talking about.

ESPN has caught the fever. I'm personally rocking a fever of a hundred and three.

The only cure? More Penn State Football. Will I last another 3.5 months? Stay tuned.

However, this is a love that needs to be sung from the highest point known to I love Darryl Clark. I may also have a man-crush on Sean Lee. Apparently, Adam Rittenberg shares my man-love, not really. He is a "journalist", I am but a lowly blogger. Regardless. I am fired up in a way that only a bottle of wine and the high-expectations-of-spring can bring.

Mr. Rittenburg makes a good point. The Lions need to post another championship season in order to assert the alpha-position of the Big Ten. Like many packs, force is necessary to run the show.

There are some folks on ESPN who think that PSU will finish no better than third in the Big Ten. I think PSU will be first or second. I see the Buckeyes as the only real threat to the Lions' chances to win the conference championship. Disagree? Post your gripes below.



Anonymous said...

Fever of 103???? Hope it's not that Swine flu.

JB said...

It's the Blue-Flu.